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TK130 LED Flashlight

TK130 LED Flashlight

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Bright AAA Flashlight with Zoom Focused Beam

The TK130 LED Flashlight offers multiple light modes and delivers excellent light spread when using the adjustable zoom focus feature. Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the TK130 is a reliable battery-powered AAA flashlight with a zoom focus beam ideal for many situations. The TK130 Flashlight gives you high-strength and durability and is perfect camping, hunting, fishing and multiple other activities. It is also a very useful LED emergency flashlight to aid in emergency assistance and natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes and storms.

Key Features

Adjustable Focus Zoom
More than just a battery-powered AAA flashlight with a zoom focus beam. The TK130 Flashlight offers a unique adjustable zoom allowing you to focus the light beam to enhance light on a targeted area. This feature is useful when a narrower beam is needed in order to see something specific from a long distance. For example, a security guard approaching a potentially dangerous situation, or a hunter moving up on an animal would find this particularly useful.

5 Light Modes
AAA Flashlight with Zoom

The TK130 Flashlight offers five different light modes which include High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS. Changing to a different light mode is as simple as a quick-click on the tail-cap button. The multiple light modes are designed to accommodate you in nearly any situation.

The bright light beam offers optimum visibility, making it ideal for anyone in personal security including law enforcement, military, or individual self-defense. The medium and low light beams are ideal for standard use or when less light is needed.

The S.O.S. is the international Morse code rescue signal and can be used as a life-saving signal in case of an emergency. When the S.O.S light mode is activated the light beam flashes fast three times, slowly three times and then quickly three times. The light flashing frequency is standard and the S.O.S light mode repeats itself when the light cycle completes.

The popular Strobe Light option is perfect for self-defense when faced with a potential security threat. When a tactical strobe light is shined into the eyes it does not allow the photoreceptors to reset, which shocks an individual’s vision. Strobing bright light forces the brains to complete partial images created by the momentary exposure of the strobe. These after images compound with each strobe exposure, which increases perceptual disparity. These few moments can help a person escape a situation or gain an upper hand.

Details and Specifications

  • 100,000 Hour LED: Bright light intensity; long-lasting with no bulb to burnout
  • Durable: Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a hardened anodized finish for extreme ruggedness
  • Design Features: Water resistant, anti-abrasive, shock-proof
  • Zoom Focus: x1 x250 x500 x1000 x2000
  • 5 Light Modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS
  • Attached Hand Lanyard: Removable lanyard clip
  • Power Options: Powered by 1 x 18650 Lithium-ion Battery (not included) OR 3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Brightness: Projects up to 900 lumens at its highest setting. Using the zoom feature, this stretches up to 1200 lumens
  • Multi-Uses: Flashlight can stand upwards on a flat surface to use as a candle and illuminate a room
  • Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x TK130 Flashlight with Zoom
1 x Attached Lanyard
1 x AAA Battery Holder
1 x Sleeve for Lithium-ion Battery

The perfect flashlight for home use, outdoor sports, fishing and security!

*Batteries not included

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