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NUE SunCase 3651

NUE SunCase 3651

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The SunCase offers professional-grade lithium power in a tough yet ultra-portable case. This product is industry-leading in portability for its class: per lb. you will not find more Whr. In the professional class of portable generators, the SunCase 3651 offers leading affordability per whr.

This “two-person carry” solar generator can run any single regular 120V or 48V appliance. This rugged 3600W/5120 Wh unit. It features a built-in 1650W AC charger: no external power supply needed. The SunCase 3651 is built to be rapidly recharged from solar as well and can accept up to 1700W/170V DC of PV. You can charge from empty to full in under 3 hours. Up to 5 can be paralleled for a total of 25kWh of battery in one system.

This product is trusted and deployed in battlefield environments in Ukraine in battalion command centers powering regional communications. Be secure with battlefield-tested and deployed power! See use-case photos for example deployments!

Product Highlights

  • Industry leading Whr. Per lb. (5120Wh in 128 lbs, 44Whr per lb)
  • Rugged pelican style case designed for harsh operating environments
  • 5kWh and 3kW inverter make this product optimal for large professional-grade loads 
  • Can output both 48V DC and 120V AC power from the same unit 
  • High Cycle life of 6,000 cycles at 80% DoD 
  • Rugged pelican style case and ergonomic handles designed for harsh operating and transportation environments 
  • Easy to use Bluetooth App 
  • Other DC outputs (12V & 5V USB) 
  • Only needs to be recharged once a year thanks to battery breakers. Power is ready to go when you need it.

Product Features


NUE fits unrivaled battery capacity in such a compact space and low weight. 40Whr per pound is state of the art. The SunCase 3651 is a two-man lift, one-man roll. Ergonomic handles and wheels make lifting and rolling this unit easier than 128 lbs sounds. This unit is also stackable on top of one another when deployed in fleets. 


Crafted with a thermoplastic fire retardant, tough, weather resistant case this unit can handle demanding operating and transportation conditions. Its internal components are held in place by a metal frame that protects the interior from direct impacts. Foam dampens the impact of bumping the unit and adds additional water resistance. The home-system quality UL Listed battery cells are designed for frequent repeat use and extend product lifecycle and customer value. 


Connect to any two standard solar panels through MC4 connectors and PV input or to Altitude’s portable panel offerings for maximum portability and quick setup. The SunCase 3651 is a solar-first system built to accept up to 1700W of PV. Solar will recharge the whole battery in five-six hours depending on the size of the array. For quick charges, the built-in AC charger will recharge the unit in less than three hours. It will work off of fuel generators or standard wall outlets.


This unit features a built- in 3.6kW pure sine wave inverter suited for running sensitive AC-powered equipment.

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