NUE SunCase 2025

NUE SunCase 2025

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A large “one-person carry” solar generator capable of running any 120V appliance.  This rugged 2000W/ 2560Wh unit can charge from virtually any full-size solar panel (up to 400W/ 55V DC) with external AC charging options. Our SunCase line offers professional grade lithium power in a tough yet ultra-portable case.

This product is trusted and deployed in battlefield environments in Ukraine by military frontline units in trenches and M117 powering communications devices such as Starlinks. 

Be secure with battlefield tested and deployed power! See use-case photos for example deployments!

Product Highlights

  • A great balance between portability and maximum usable power
  • Rugged pelican style case designed for harsh operating environments
  • Expandable battery capacity for longer run times
  • Option to use an AC source, or external charge controller to fast charge battery
  • Easy to use Bluetooth App
  • Only needs to be recharged once a year thanks to battery breakers. Power is ready to go when you need it.

Product Features


This unit features a built-in in 2kW pure sine wave inverter suited for running sensitive AC-powered equipment.


Easy set-up and take-down. 1 person moves using wheels and the extendable carry handle. This is a 1-2 person lift. You only need to flip a breaker and push a button to turn the SunCase on.


Connect to any standard solar panel through MC4 connectors and 20A charge controller. Solar will recharge the whole battery in five-six hours. The fast-charging external AC charger will recharge the unit in less than three hours.


The SunCase exterior features a tough, weather resistant ABS plastic case. Its internal components are held in place by a metal frame that protects these components from direct impacts.


  • Emergency backup of core essentials-fridges, medicine chests, and communications
  • Long-outage office continuity for multiple Desktop devices and printers
  • Commercial and Residential Construction, indoors or outdoors (e.g. insulation specialists, siders, roofers, etc.) 
  • Telecommunications maintenance 
  • Solar installer service interruption windows 
  • 120V Corded Power Tools (e.g. Table Saws) 
  • Large quantities of cordless power tools 
  • Mobile offices and emergency office backup 
  • Quick-deployable remote communications devices (e.g. Starlink)
  • Area lighting for job sites, events & emergencies 
  • Professional Film and TV Location Lighting (Runs both AC and 48V DC for DC lighting)
  • Short-term cooling and heating 
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