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NUE PowerPac 1221 Generator

NUE PowerPac 1221 Generator

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A highly portable solid state lithium battery solar generator optimized for small loads that need to run for longer without interruption. This unit is lightweight yet powerful. This affordable, easy to use unit, features 2,146 Watthours of solid-state lithium battery storage with solar charge controller to be used with virtually any full-size solar panel (up to 450W/45V DC) with external AC charger options. With a 1,200 Watt inverter, you can easily pair this unit with most small household devices for long-lasting power.

This unit is deployed in Ukraine by special forces team recharging reconnassaince drones and feeding artillery teams data for counterbattery fire for starlinks. Be secure with battlefield tested and deployed power! See use-case photos for example deployments!

Product Highlights

  • The latest in Lithium battery technology
  • 2146Wh of energy in a one-arm carry at 36 lbs
  • Long time between recharges thanks to efficient power management
  • A variety of power types and outlets to provide flexibility for
  • different applications
  • Easy to use Bluetooth App
  • Energy storage system preserves battery capacity; this unit is ready to go when you need it.

Product Features


This unit emplys the latest Solid State Lithium technology which makes it incredibly powerful for a handheld unit. The unit’s 2146 Whr battery allows it to handle typical 1.2kW inverter loads for much longer than peer mobile battery solutions.


This unit features a built-in in 1.2kW pure sine wave inverter suitable for running sensitive AC-powered equipment.


The convenient carry handle makes this a one-arm lift at 36lbs. It also fits in narrow spaces for storage and transport.


Connect to any standard solar panel through the

solar input port and standard MC4 connectors or

via a DC source through the DC input port. The

unit also has two quick charge USB-C ports, one

standard USB port, 1 QC 3.0 USB PORT, 2 AC

outlets and a DC output port. 220V and 110V

models are both available as needed.


  • Drone Recharging (like the military in Ukraine!)
  • Mobile offices 
  • Communications (including Starlink, wifi, or satellite dish) 
  • PA Systems and lighting for outdoor events 
  • Charging batteries for power tools, including drones 
  • Any sensitive electronic devices
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