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NUE HexFold SunTarp Flexible Panel

NUE HexFold SunTarp Flexible Panel

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A portable, durable, and powerful solar panel system that provides 420 Watts of power for medium to large loads. A great fit for NUE products to maximize recharging, toughness, and ease of transport. Bring rapid charge (equivalent to your “standard” solar panel) without the difficulty of transporting a glass framed panel. 420 watts can easily be tucked under your arm. Matches with SunCase 2025, SunCase 3651, and SunKit 5050 EXT. 

It is so durable we have shot the modules with an AR15 and it will still charge!

This product is trusted and deployed in battlefield and medical environments in Ukraine communications and recharging medical devices. Be secure with battlefield-tested and deployed power! See use-case photos for example deployments! 

Product Highlights

  • As efficient per module as a traditional glass framed solar panel at 40% of the weight
  • Withstands vibrations and impacts that would break a traditional solar panel: even being stepped on or shot at.
  • Foldable tarp that can be tucked under the arm for easy carrying and can be set up in minutes
  • 2.5x power density vs. thin film flexible panels
  • Can be wired both in series and parallel as needed
  • Military Grade Design, Materials and Approvals

Product Features


40% lighter than traditional solar panels with glass modules and metal frames.


Produce the same power as equivalent traditional monocrystalline solar panel modules. 


Easily fold and tuck this panel under your arm.


Can be used with solar+battery generators and DIY kits thanks to the variety of wiring options: just check the charge controller settings to match the wiring.



Built to withstand tough environments and frequent reuse for years. Moisture and dust resistant. Used in the field in Ukraine by medics and soldiers.

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