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Faraday Defense

Ultimate EMP Kit – Complete Auto And Home Protection

Ultimate EMP Kit – Complete Auto And Home Protection

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Introducing the Ultimate EMP Kit – Defend against electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) for both your vehicle and home electronics. This comprehensive kit is designed for easy installation and compatibility for the majority of your everyday devices. Ensure your peace of mind in an unpredictable world by reinforcing your assets with the Ultimate EMP Kit featuring a Faraday Small Dry Generator Bag for added versatility.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 Small Generator Dry Bag
  • 1 SIEMENS FS™ PRO 140
  • 3 House Ferrites
  • 1 T.R.A.P.
  • 1 T.R.A.P.-B
  • 2 Vehicle Ferrites
  • 1 DEFCON™ Vehicle
  • 1 DEFCON™ EMP Alert System

Faraday Small Generator Dry Bag: The Faraday Dry Generator Bag is designed for travel and storage of generators, computer towers, and equipment. This bag will keep your gear dry and secure with its watertight seal and signal-blocking design. Three layers of 85 dB (400Mhz-4Ghz) CYBER NC(Nickel/Copper) line the interior, providing EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location blocking. The outer layer is a durable tarpaulin, saving your gear from hacking, EMPs, and water. Our secure clip and roll closure is easy to open for quick access to your device. The Dry Generator Bag also features MOLLE webbing on the front and back for attaching smaller gear. With multiple handles and tightening straps, the bag has a sleek design that is easy to carry. The Dry Generator Bag measures 11″ L x 15.5″W x 20″H when closed.

Features include:

  • Clip and roll seal for enhanced blocking
  • Three layers of CYBER fabric
  • High-quality exterior waterproof construction and durability
  • Integrated MOLLE System
  • Measures 11″L x 15.5″W x 20″H when closed

EMP Home Protection Kit: 3 House Ferrites + SIEMENS FS™ PRO 140: Protect your home from an EMP strike with the EMP Home Protection Kit, only available at Faraday Defense. This kit contains 1 SIEMENS FS™ PRO 140 and 3 House Ferrites, providing lightning and EMP protection.  Install on your breaker box.

Whole House Ferrites: These custom ferrites are made of special high-frequency material and uniquely modified to help prevent high-current saturation. A ferrite is clamped around the insulated incoming power wires in your breaker panel. Most homes require three ferrites, but a few homes may require four.

SIEMENS FS™ PRO 140: Protecting your home or shop from the threat of EMP is critical. Having the correct components installed to protect your home or shop is just as critical. The FS™ PRO 140 KA fulfills one of the most important steps in protecting your home, which is having a quality whole-house surge protection device. It has 140,000 Amps of surge current capacity per phase. Siemens believes today’s residential surge protectors come up short when protecting today’s modern home filled with smart appliances and electronics. This is why we developed our FirstSurge commercial class total home surge protectors. Installed at your load center, FirstSurge will stop surges before they get into your home. FirstSurge is offered in three levels of protection depending upon geographic location and the storm activity where you live. When FirstSurge wears out, its commercial class 3-stage notification diagnostics immediately alerts you that it needs replacing. Knowing you’re surge protected with commercial class protection gives you peace of mind that your smart appliances and electronics will always be surge protected.

EMP Vehicle Protection Kit: The EMP Vehicle Protection Kit is a combination of the different vehicle protection devices. Use these on your vehicle to protect it from transients-like load changes, lightning strikes, conducted transients, and even an EMP. This bundle includes: 1 T.R.A.P., 1 T.R.A.P.-B, and 2 Vehicle Ferrites.

The T.R.A.P.™ Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug is a multi-purpose transient protection device. Each plug contains a 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device with a turn on time under 1 picosecond. The T.R.A.P.™ is easy to install – just plug the device into the 12-Volt auxiliary receptacle ( cigarette lighter). The device is 3″ long, so please ensure there is room to insert the plug.

The T.R.A.P.™-B contains the same 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device in a form that can be easily connected across a vehicle’s battery terminals.

High-saturation ferrites can be installed on the battery wires to reduce high-frequency current transients.

DEFCON™ Vehicle: The DEFCON Vehicle is an ultra-duty surge protection device specifically designed to protect a vehicle’s electronics from damaging electromagnetic energy resulting from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The DEFCON Vehicle is capable of shunting away an incredible 270,000 amps of current! Modern vehicles are heavily reliant on electronic components, controlling every aspect of the vehicle. An EMP’s intense and rapid electromagnetic field can induce powerful electrical currents and voltages in the vehicle’s wiring and delicate electronic components, leading to severe damage. This electromagnetic interference can result in critical system upsets and permanent failures, stalling the vehicle and even destroying its engine control unit.

An EMP can disrupt satellite navigation systems, cellular connectivity, and communication with emergency services, leaving occupants stranded and without crucial assistance. Because of this realistic threat, we have developed DEFCON™ Vehicle to act as a shield against an EMP for your vehicle. The idea behind it is simple. The DEFCON™ Vehicle is designed to limit the induced energy that would couple into your vehicle, keeping its electronics from becoming damaged, and ensuring the safety and working status of your vehicle. The DEFCON™ Vehicle comes in a weatherproofed package with ring terminals for easy installation and attachment. The module is also internally waterproofed using a potting compound. The device uses automotive-grade wire, ring terminals, and marine-grade heat shrink tubing, and comes in a convenient form factor for use across the battery terminals.

Voltage: 12-15 volts DC

Current: 9 mA consumption typical

Surge Current:270,000 Amps total

Energy Rating: >2,000 Joules total

Turn-on Speed: <1 ns typical

Size: 4.5″ L x 3.375″ W x 1.875″ H

Wires: Positive, Negative, Ground

Wire Length: 36″

DEFCON™  EMP Alert System: If an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) occurs, most people will remain completely unaware. Only as they discover that many of their modern electronics stopped functioning, will they begin to suspect that something is wrong. The DEFCON™ EMP Alert System is designed to detect electrical disturbances resulting from an electromagnetic pulse or a solar coronal mass ejection (CME). This device monitors the power lines and ambient air for damaging disturbances. Once detected, the DEFCON™ EMP Alert System provides audible warnings so that additional protective steps can be taken, such as opening the main circuit breaker to prevent home damage.

The DEFCON™ EMP Alert System is the first low-cost device designed to detect electrical disturbances resulting from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or a solar coronal mass ejection (CME). The DEFCON™plugs into any standard 120-volt AC receptacle and draws less than 50 milliamps of current, about the same as a 5-watt nightlight.

How does DEFCON™ EMP Alert System warn of an EMP/CME?

The DEFCON™ provides three distinct audible alarms:

  • (1) a brief ‘beep’ when a very fast E1/E2-type pulse is detected
  • (2) a long sustained ‘beeeeep’ when an E3 overvoltage condition is detected
  • (3) a pulsating ‘beep-beep-beep’ when an E3-induced undervoltage condition is detected.

Red lights also become visible when any detection occurs.

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